Laurence Rosen / Upper South Studio

Each Priory Project edition conveys archival and literary dimensions and expresses the timeless qualities of hand-made elegance. more


The Priory Project was first conceived by Laurence Rosen as a personal exploration into the world of printmaking. Years of experimenting led him to the deluxe editions available today. Each design contains its own particular balance of innovation and tradition. The carefully nuanced tones of saturated color transcend the harsh appearance of mechanical uniformity. Antiquarian patinas become modern in The Priory Project.

Each edition is stamped on silk and expresses the timeless qualities of hand made elegance. We believe imperfection can add character—the bubbles and fissures of Venetian glass and the cracks and blisters of Sung dynasty ceramic glazes invite our attention. They are often preferred to the callous monotony and graceless predictability of mass manufactured objects. The Priory Project blends old world charm with high society opulence and reveals that attention to detail and fine craftsmanship define luxury.