Laurence Rosen / Upper South Studio

The American Chair is a timeless expression of the Blue Ridge Legacy and is sustainably produced from local sources. more


The American Chair: chair-making by nine generations of one Southern American family, continuing their techniques and traditions from pre-revolutionary times. Blue Ridge by design, our master crafted chairs utilize sustainable harvesting from trees indigenous to our region: cherry, maple, ash, black walnut, and oak.

The wood is milled into chair stock by hand and dried in the open air—retaining the wood’s strength, unlike more common kiln drying. The wood is hand rubbed with an oil finish, while spinning in a lathe, so the wood receives the equivalent of several years of ordinary waxing and polishing. Our chair makers utilize wood’s natural shrinking property. After each chair is assembled, the shrinking wood binds the pieces together, tighter and tighter, locking the joints naturally and permanently. True to the Southeast, neither nails nor glue are used in any weight bearing structures.